“Lorrie has the special talent to empower and inspire people with her energy and words, creating a unique connection with individuals who want to transform their life.”
-Rosa Ochoa, Global Gaming Women

Keynote Speaker

Do you need a speaker for your event, school, workshop, break-out session, or company training?

Hellcat’s your girl. 

Lorrie is an expert on the following topics:
  • Confidence: How to Get It, How to Keep It
  • Covid-19: Getting Back to Better, Not Normal
  • Hope and Poker: Playing Your Best Hand
  • Confidence and Hope: One Thought At A Time
  • Journaling: A Tool for Success
  • Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Planning, Strategy, and Goal Setting
  • Your Mission Statement
  • Attracting, Retaining, and Empowering Ethical Employees

Keynotes and Presentations can and will be tailored for your specific event. Pricing packaged vary. Please email lorrie@whatthehellcat.com for more information.
"After hearing Lorrie speak at an event, I knew I had to have her as a guest speaker for a tough crowd of teenagers. Her story is fascinating, the delivery is captivating, and she keeps everyone laughing as she delivers an entertaining talk with practical takeaways anyone can use to become better. Anytime I've had her speak she is a crowd favorite who is requested again and again."
- Billie Smith

 Past Audiences 


  List of Past Audiences:

  • Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics, Chicago
  • Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics, Las Vegas
  • Global Gaming Women, Las Vegas
  • Oklahoma City Community College, Oklahoma City
  • Gaming Capital Group, LLC, Newcastle, Oklahoma
  • Girls State, University of Oklahoma
  • Southside Baptist Church, Wichita Falls, Texas
  • Comtech, Oklahoma City
  • Metro Technology Centers, Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma City Community College’s Career Transitions
  • Oklahoma Heart Hospital
  • American Lung Association of Oklahoma
  • Annie Lillard Legacy Foundation 
  • HOPE Series for Michael D. Morrison Enterprises
  • IMPACT event at Putnam City High School, Oklahoma
  • True Sky Credit Union 
  • From Fat to Finish Line 


“Finally, an introduction to journaling that provides real-world samples of what to write and explains the tangible benefits of capturing those thoughts. Hellcat shows you how to do it and why it matters.”
--John Hulsey, Actor/Runner 12, From Fat to Finish Line, the Documentary

“Lorrie did an outstanding job presenting her material.
She was very engaging and dynamic in getting her point across.
She should present again!”
— Attendee, Compliance & Ethics Institute, Chicago

“Lorrie was an engaging speaker. She presented her information well,
and easily connected with the audience.”
— Attendee, Compliance & Ethics Institute, Chicago

“Lorrie was one of the most enthusiastic presenters I attended. Too bad she was at end of conference!”
— Attendee, Compliance & Ethics Institute, Chicago

“Lorrie Hellcat Bamford provides the kind of high energy and heartfelt delivery
that it takes to keep everyone entertained and interested while they learn.”
— Julie Johnson, Employment Coach, Oklahoma City Community College Career Transitions, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“You were the best speaker yet! I learned a lot from you.”
— Brooklyn H., Girls State Attendee, University of Oklahoma

“Thank you for showing us that not all lawyers are grumpy!”
— Emma H., Girls State Attendee, University of Oklahoma

“Loved your presentation. I had a blast!”
— S.B., College Women’s Presentation, Career Transitions

“Lorrie was a great speaker - very dynamic and interesting.
I felt that she provided a lot of good information and the fact that she admitted
mistakes she had made in her career and the lessons learned were particularly
helpful and made the presentation more relatable.”
— Attendee, Compliance & Ethics Institute, Las Vegas

“Lorrie’s was the best breakout session I attended. Organized, point by point and lively delivery.”
— Attendee, Compliance & Ethics Institute, Las Vegas

“Great presenter, would see her anytime she is on the agenda.”
— Attendee, Compliance & Ethics Institute, Las Vegas

“Very engaging! Very good presenter! Very well done!”
— Attendee, Compliance & Ethics Institute, Las Vegas

“It is truly inspiring to hear how Lorrie’s determination encouraged
her to prevail a life of adversities! Determination will get you places!
Lorrie is definitely going places!”
Michael Morrison, Founder & CEO, Comtech

“Brilliant! A Natural.”
Attendee, Global Gaming Women

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